Dike Engineering Company makes use of a qualified team of in-house experts, along with those of connected firms highly specialised in each sector of supply, as well as of the expertise of architects, engineers, home-furniture specialists and, more importantly, of reliable suppliers. All this has enabled the Company to meet the needs of its Customers in a fast and professional way. The Dike Engineering Company distinguishes itself for the commitment and professional skills it has shown when building private living units, manager meeting rooms, offices and hotels, gyms and sports centres, thus gaining the confidence of many top Customers, located both in Italy and Europe. Our new and recently built headquarters allows us to operate strategically and quickly, which is very useful when being faced with any sort of deadline-related need our Customers may have. Creativity, know-how, qualified staff and well-structured organisation are the strengths that characterise all the contract constructions of our Company, such as project planning method and rigorous accuracy.

These are our tools that guarantee you, within the time limits you will set, a successful achievement of the works which are offered ready-to-go, distinguishing themselves for their elegance, refined taste and full enactment of detailed projects. Our specially conceived structure of our Company can identify its Customers’ needs and support them step by step while choosing each detail and finishing, through a steady monitoring of the whole productive process of each project, without any language hindrance.
The Dike Engineering Company offers a Project Management Service that entails the analysis of customised solutions, the matching between materials and their finishing, the development of rendering print-outs and real-life layouts that lead to the full production and complete enactment of any project, which is to be prepared beforehand and cared for on the would-be spot of construction.


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